Wal-Mart and Target both have grocery items.  Wal-Mart has the full fledged grocery store.... more than Target, but there are many choices to get groceries in the area.


130 Browns Valley Pkwy
Vacaville CA

Think better than other nationally recognized natural markets because it has regular food as well as organic and freshly grown local produce.   We were impressed by how beautifully this store is laid out.  Clean, shiney floors, beautifully arranged produce, fresh fruits, deli, meat and bakery counters....as well as salad bar, chinese food bar and sushi.  Yet unlike Whole Foods, you'll find food items like Diet Coke and Kraft mac and cheese...big no-no's at other trendy, pricier natural food stores.  We walked in skeptical, but came out fans.    The song, "Ready For Dinner" that is used in this slide show is from Wayne Potash.  You can find this song and his other children's songs at the website,

Hours:  6am-10pm daily

Take a right onto Midway Road as you exit Vineyard RV Park
Go under the bridge and take a left onto I-505 S.
Stay right, take I-80 toward Sacramento but be prepared to exit before the merge
Quickly take the E. Monte Vista exit and stay left to take a left turn at the stop
Turn left onto Monte Vista and go 2-3 blocks
Right on Brown Valley Parkway
Nugget will be on your left


Safeway Marketplace Grocery Store
2090 Harbison Dr.
Vacaville, CA 95688
Store Phone: 707-452-7277
Store Hours: Open 24 hours
Pharmacy Phone: (707)452-7279
Pharmacy Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00AM-8:00PM
Sat-Sun 9:00AM-5:30PM

They also have a Wells Fargo Bank and home delivery

Start out on MIDWAY RD (Going West)
0.49 miles
Take I-505 S RAMP I-505 S RAMP
0.26 miles
Stay STRAIGHT to go onto I-505 (Going South)
2.65 miles
Continue on I-505
0.00 miles
Stay STRAIGHT to go onto 1B (Going South)
0.18 miles
Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto RAMP (Going West)
0.07 miles
Turn LEFT onto E MONTE VISTA AVE (Going Southwest)
0.25 miles
Turn LEFT onto NUT TREE RD (Going Southeast)
0.21 miles
Turn RIGHT onto NUT TREE PKY (Going Southwest)
0.62 miles
Turn LEFT onto HARBISON DR (Going East)
0.03 miles

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