We can all relate to this...

This guy walks into the doctor's office and says to the nurse, "I got the
shingles."  She says, "Wait here just a moment."  She comes back and tells
him to step into the examining room, then asks, "What is it you have?"  The
guy says, "I got the shingles."  So she takes his pulse, his blood pressure,
his temperature, tells him to remove all his clothes, and to lie down on the
table.  A few minutes later the doctor walks in and says, "What can I do for
you?"  The guy says, "Well, I got the shingles."  So the doctor examines him
thoroughly, can't find anything.  So he says, "Now where exactly do you have
these shingles?"  The guy says, "They're out on the truck.  Where do you want
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