The School of Metaphysics is holding its National Dream Hotline this weekend from Windyville, Missouri. These fantastic experts will interpret your listeners dreams.  Our friend Dr. Barbra Condon explains how it can call the school now and set it up even before the weekend...check the press release below the player...

Subject: Dreaming of the royal wedding


Been dreaming of wedding cakes, flying to London, and marrying royalty?  There may be more to those dreams than media saturation about William and Kate's upcoming vows.  Find out by calling the dream experts at the NATIONAL DREAM HOTLINE® all weekend until midnight May 1st.  
Now in its 23rd year, the Hotline is sponsored by the School of Metaphysics, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational institute with 16 branches in the United States.  The number to call with your dream questions is 417-345-8411.  
Or online go to to submit your dream for interpretation.

Dreams Come True Whether You're Awake or Asleep

On April 29th, the biggest wedding in recorded history will take place.  When Prince William marries Kate Middleton an estimated 75 percent of the world will have immediate access to the wedding, media analyst Bill Carroll told TV Guide.  That means more than 2 billion people may decide to share the experience – at least by proxy – of a dream coming true.

        For some, the Royal wedding is closer to home.  They are dreaming about it.  

        One woman dreams about her son's impending wedding in Hawaii.  

        Another dream-bride is getting dressed for her wedding which is starting without her.  

        Then there is the cyberwedding dream occurring in the virtual world of Sims 3.

        "Our culture makes a big deal of wedding celebrations and most people don't realize that dreaming of a wedding while asleep has nothing to do with meeting the bride or groom while awake," says Dr. Laurel Clark.  "It has to do with a commitment they are making in their own lives. That's why it feels so great."

        Clark is national president of the School of Metaphysics (SOM), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational institute with 16 branches throughout the United States and membership in over two dozen countries.  SOM teaches people how to fulfill their potential through cultivating essential life skills. Dream interpretation is one of these.

        "In the last year, over 25% of the dreams we've received focused on significant other types of relationships," says Laurie Biswell, chief of staff at, the school's website on dreams.  Biswell says there are two types of relationship dreams people report:

        1] Dreams of being in a relationship with an ex(spouse or lover)

        2] Dreams of the current spouse/lover being unfaithful in some way.

"People manifest their desires and their fears through dream relationships, and we give them ways to reframe those messages."

Dreaming Up Mind Power

"We've interpreted a million dreams over the past 40 years, and interpersonal dreaming dominates the dreams people remember," says Clark's colleague, author Dr. Barbara Condron.  "People are born, grow up, get married, work, play, and even die in our dreams.  The stories in our dreams are like personal myths waiting to be understood on deeper levels. Dreaming of getting married represents the creation of an intention to use more of your mind power."

        Condron is one of the world's foremost experts in both day and night dreaming.  Her latest book INNERVISION: The Healing Power in Your Dreams will be available for download on William and Kate's wedding day.  In it she tells another kind of "dream coming true story".  

        Robert W. Smith says shortly before he and his late wife married, she was going through her possessions to determine what she would bring into the marriage.  She came across a journal she had kept earlier in her childhood.  In it she described a dream where a man asked her who she was going to marry.  The name she had written – the one she received in her dream – was Robert W. Smith.  

        "Precognition is a natural function of the inner, subconscious mind, finding its most frequent expression through our dreams," Condron says.  From Abraham Lincoln to Robert W. Smith's wife, there are dream records reporting clairvoyant activity.  "Statistical probability is what the mathematician might call precognition, and what is most intriguing in this is how all mathematics is based upon – relationships!

        "The upcoming nuptials is doing more to fuel our longing for the meaningful and lasting relationships reflected in marriage and family than anything in recent memory," Condron adds. "Understanding dreams is a key to fulfill that desire."


A Hotline for Dreamers!

Those wanting to learn more about their dreams will have several choices the weekend of the Royal wedding as SOM sponsors its annual Dream Awareness weekend. Here's what's available.  

        Talk to someone.  The Royal wedding coincides with the annual National Dream Hotline®. Now in its 23rd year, this hotline is for dreamers.  You can talk to an expert by calling the National Dream Hotline® at 417-345-8411 anytime from 6 pm (CDT) Friday, April 23, through midnight on Sunday. The only charge for the call is made by your phone carrier.

        A variety of opportunities will be available online at

        Submit a dream.  You can enter a dream at for online interpretation.  

        Participate in an experiment.  Researchers at the College of Metaphysics in Missouri will be conducting their ninth Global Lucid Dreaming Experiment.  Register online to participate.

        Attend a Webinar giving an introduction to dreams.

        "Whatever you dream, we'll be here to shed some light on its meaning," says Clark.  "You maybe amazed or relieved or comforted to learn that every dream has a message to guide you."
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