Here in Atlanta, we have the AJC...the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  In it there is what is called the VENT.  It's a low tech version of Tweeting...without the restriction of 140 characters...although some of them could use some serious editing.  
There are many viewpoints, some of them worthy of airing, some witty and thoughtful, some poignant and some should have kept their vents closed.  
The other day there was one that said, "Book sense is always better than common sense."
See what I mean?  The author or THIS one, in MY opinion has an abundance of NEITHER book, nor common sense.
If he or she HAD common sense, he or she would have seen the nonsense in that view of sense.  
Book sense?  Suppose the book were "Mein Kamph" or "Das Capital" "The Little Red Book;" or other propaganda books.  If you're atheist, suppose someone's book sense came from the "The Holy Bible?"  Would you consider that person's potential belief in Creationism to be good sense?  What if the book was the Koran?  Would you consider its literal translation to kill all infidels to be good sense.  

The point I'm making is, common sense is increasingly UNCOMMON these days.  Want some examples?

Texas is now on a TERROR watch because some slimeball has been smuggling SOMALI TERRORISTS across the Mexican border.  Common sense would tell you that the border is a dangerous and vulnerable place and MUST be protected and SEALED NOW.  Your book sense my tell you that doing THAT would be inhumane, unconstitutional and racist.

Hillary says it's a GOOD IDEA SO...NY is about to impose what it calls A HUGE TAX ON MILLIONAIRES.  Your book sense may tell you that that is a good thing;  that it will raise lots of money, and make those evil rich people pay THIER FAIR SHARE.
Your common sense will tell you that those people didn't get rich by being stupid and if there is a huge tax on them in New York, they will move to Florida, or Virginia or anywhere there is a lower tax.  And that will serve to ELIMINATE the money you were counting on an take away the money you WOULD HAVE GOTTEN if you hadn't used your BOOK SENSE.

Obama care was PROMISED to lower costs of health care, increase the number of people covered and lower the deficits.  Your common sense would tell you to READ THE FREAKIN BILL BEFORE YOU PASS IT INTO LAW.  Your book sense would say, these people in Congress and the White House know better how to spend your money and know what is good for you.  Your book sense may tell you that health care is a RIGHT and that achieving all those goals are totally in reach.
You common sense would say to you, NO WAY IN HELL.
Now after people have ACTUALLY READ the bill we're finding that over 650 employers were surveyed and it was nearly unanimous;  it will RAISE the cost of providing insurance by 88% and THAT will be passed down to the EMPLOYEES.  So your cost for health insurance is going up and OH, BY THE're going to have to PAY TAXES ON THAT NOW.  Did you know that? 
  Common sense would have told you it's not a good idea.

If you're President of the United States and you say you've been on top of the BP Oil spill SINCE DAY ONE, and you wake up thinking about it and go to bed thinking about it that if common sense is your guide, would you be doing THIS so much?  I mean, after all, Malia asked you while you were shaving, "Have you plugged the hole, yet, Daddy?"  Right?  Well, Mr. President, which HOLES have you been concentrating on?  I mean, since last Thursday, you played 3 five-hour rounds of golf in just 4 days...tell me how THAT is being on TOP of the
worst environmental disaster in American history?   You claim to be a champion of the environment...RIGHT?  Is it your BOOK SENSE that says it would be a good idea to golf, lunch with Bill, try on uniforms with Duke, fundraise with Boxer and go on vacation A SECOND TIME since the explosion 38 days ago?  Your common sense might tell you it would be a better idea to spend more time with the people fighting this disaster and maybe attending the wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery on MEMORIAL DAY, instead.  

Don't get me wrong...I do NOT discount the value of a good education, it's just evident that some people are EDUCATED WAY BEYOND THEIR INTELLIGENCE.  For them the two: common and book senses are mutually exclusive.  And a good dose of COMMON SENSE would sure help override the danger of much of today's book sense.  But that's just MY common sense speaking to me.  What does it say to you?
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