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Oh, did you hear the latest?  BP says...oops...we made a little boo boo.  Just before that whole thing blew...well...we...ah...kinda ignored some warning signs of danger...and we just continued to pump...and well...there was a big kaboom...and bunch of people died and it caused an environmental catastrophe of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS...sorry...

Now there are fingers being pointed.  The government at BP, BP at the Government, the affected states at BOTH OF THEM.  And get this...Chris Dodd actually tried to blame GEORGE BUSH. I got a big finger for all of you.  I think you now which one I'm talking about!!

You are now the proud owner of almost $118,000 in DEBT courtesy of OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!  That is the amount each American owes to pay down out national debt that just went over $13 TRILLION DOLLARS...I'm not sure how many zeros that is...and I'm not sure I'd have room for it so...how does THAT make you feel?  Our debt is now 90% of our GDP.  In other words, if your annual income is $100...you have to pay out $90 for all your debts...leaving you a whopping TEN BUCKS...go have a good time.

83 New York City bus drivers took an average of two paid months off last year after this happened?  See the answer below.


What was I talking about yesterday?  Why aren't we asking WHY!  Well, apparently, SOME of the White House press corps ARE starting to ask...WHY, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHO...FINALLY!!!
And guess what...WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETAY, ROBERT GIBBS DID...he scolded the press corps for ASKING TOO MANY QUESTIONS!!  WHAAA?  The administration that said it would be the MOST TRANSPARENT in White House in history DOES NOT WANT YOU TO ASK QUESTIONS?  You afraid of the questions or the answers?   This TRANSPARENT administration is totally devoid of any transparency, I see. 

I remember back in the old USSR days...I went there in 1976 before the fall of Communism...yeah, I know, I sound like an old geezer but... there were only TWO newspapers there then.  Pravda and Izvestia.  One of them meant "news" and the other meant "information."  I'm not sure which is which now... but... the joke in Moskow then was, "There is no Pravda in Izvestia and there is no Izvestia in Pravda."  Yeah, I know those Russian comics were a SCREAM.  The point is this:
The reason the USSR kept people in the dark is because they were easier to handle that way. 
As soon as there was a free flow of ideas then dissent could arise.  Without it the same old NON TRUTH could be continue to be passed off as fact and its acceptance was subservience.  An ignorant mass is a calm mass and we're all DUMB MASSES if we just nod and accept that they are telling us.  (Pun intended)

OH, but the really BIG news is...NICOLE SHERZINGER won DANCING WITH THE STARS!! 

Nicole Sherzinger...yeah, I know, me too.  She's a PUSSY CAT DOLL.  A PUSSY CAT DOLL...yeah...I know... they are an international recording, performing, dancing neuvo version of the Spice Girls... or like The Spice Girls LITTLE SISTERS! 

Lots of cleavage, booty, girating and pelvic thrusts...not that there is anything wrong with that...


OH, AND BACHERLORETTE HAS STARTED...you've seen that, haven't you?  Sort of legalized prostitution in soft core on prime time network TV...are we lucky  to have so much to take us away from our boring daily existences of trying to pay down our share of that $118 G?

83 New York City bus drivers took an average of two paid months off last year after this happened.

After they were spat upon by angry riders

Spitting is considered an assault under the drivers' union contract. That entitles them to take a paid break.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said Monday that 83 drivers were spat on last year. Of those, 51 took an average of 64 paid days off. One driver took 191 days of paid leave.

The drivers made up one-third of the number of transit workers who took time off due to assaults.

The drivers' union says the encounters cause psychological trauma, because workers they may contract a disease or be assaulted again. They say all cases are cleared by a transit agency doctor.

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